11 Reasons to Book Your Boudoir Session

Have you always wondered what it would be like to have a boudoir session, but convinced yourself that it was something for “other women,” not something for women like you? Have you ever wanted to see yourself the way others do, ever wanted to prove to yourself that you can be sensual, intelligent, AND independent — a complete and utter force to be reckoned with?

Reignite the beauty — the spark within you and see yourself in a whole new light! Do you think you might be ready to take the plunge? Whether you’re in a committed relationship or you’re still single, you’ve hit your fitness goals or just got the job promotion you’ve been waiting for,  or simply need a day full of TLC and boudoir. There are plenty of great reasons to book a boudoir shoot, so here’s 11 just to get you started…


1. You’re Celebrating a Special Occasion.

Perhaps you’ve recently gotten engaged. Maybe you’ve just hit a milestone anniversary. Or you just secured the promotion you’ve been slaving away for at work, or finally reached your weight loss goal. Whatever special occasion you’ve just reached, a boudoir shoot is the perfect way to celebrate! 

You’re already feeling great, so why not take advantage of this amazing opportunity? Celebrate that birthday like it’s your last, put on something flirty and inviting, take pride in the hard work you’ve been enduring for years and honor your body in a beautiful portrait session where all of your insecurities melt away as you unveil your inner goddess.

2. This is for Me, 100% for Me!

Sometimes, you want to use your boudoir shoot as an opportunity to celebrate something. Other times, the boudoir shoot becomes its own opportunity to love and appreciate everything you’ve been through. 

You’ll feel amazing, build your confidence, and get to embrace a side of yourself that doesn’t often see the light of day.

It’s all about empowerment baby, this is your year and time to shine. Boudoir is the outlet you need but you are the star at the end of the day. 

3. For Their Eyes Only — Jaw dropping gift they will never EVER forget!

The best gifts in life, aren’t store bought. After giving your significant other the usual things like wallets, cologne, nice dinners or even a little getaway… a boudoir shoot is the one-of-a-kind gift they didn’t see coming!

Just wait until you S/O gets their hands on an entire album of tantalizing poses of their favorite gal, YOU! 

Bring along some of their favorite items or button downs and don’t be afraid to entice your lover with a gorgeous discreet photos of you for their eyes only. A  boudoir shoot is the perfect way to add some fresh fire to your relationship.

4. Distance Means So Little When Someone Means So Much. 

Do you have the long distance relationship blues? If you want to feel connected and keep the fire going even when you’re far away from one another, consider putting together an album full of photos from your boudoir shoot.

Your beloved will enjoy paging through them while you’re apart—and they could just spark some fun when you get back together.

gorgeous women in heels and white lingerie

5. 2 for 1: A Gift for Them and You!

Do you want to give a gift to your partner that will show off your sexy side? I like to think the best gifts in life can’t be store bought. So what better way to celebrate an anniversary or birthday (whether it’s theirs or yours!) then with an alluring boudoir portraiture!

You want to give an unforgettable gift that your partner will love and appreciate forever.  A boudoir shoot opens the door to some incredible gifts, whether you choose to put those pictures in an album or put together a canvas to display on the wall… he/she won’t be able to take their eyes off of you!

6. A Wonder Woman Type of Empowerment

When you walk out of your boudoir shoot, you will feel empowered in a way that you never have before. During your boudoir shoot, you will unlock your inner confidence and sensuality. It’s a great way to set yourself up for an exciting new change in your life. 

If it’s time for you to see yourself in a whole new light, to reignite the passion within you, then you are 100% ready for a boudoir session! You’ll leave our studio with a killer inner and outer confidence, one that does not fade the next day, month, or even years down the line!

7. You’ve hit a Milestone.

Engagements and anniversaries aren’t the only perfect excuse for a boudoir shoot. Your boudoir shoot can also be the perfect opportunity to celebrate your 30s, 40s, 50s, even 60s Birthdays! What better way to show yourself you didn’t peak in your 20s?  

You’ll amaze yourself in the end, we’ve even had a few tears when our beautiful clients finally see their boudoir portraits for the first time. You don’t need to stress about getting older or feeling younger. Who cares about the number on your license or the number on the scale? Beauty has no age limit. And it’s time to prove yourself and everyone else wrong!

beautiful tattoed women posing with head down

8. You’re Single.

Many people assume that boudoir shoots are for people who have special partners in their lives. The truth, however, is that you don’t have to have someone special in your life to enjoy the benefits of a boudoir shoot.

If you’ve been single for a while, a boudoir shoot can be a great way to unlock your confidence in yourself and prepare you to launch back into the dating field—or just to make you feel amazing about your own sexuality. A lady boss doesn’t need a plus one! 


9. Going through some Body Changes.

As you age, your body looks different—especially if you’ve recently had a baby. Many women find themselves uncomfortable with the changes their bodies have undergone with age or pregnancy, whether it’s added softness in unfamiliar places or stretch marks you didn’t have before.

Through your boudoir shoot, however, you’ll be able to see that beauty again, see that those imperfections don’t matter because you are still a goddess inside and out!

Through the eyes of your photographer, you’ll be able to develop a new appreciation for your body—even with new marks or changes. We have a seamless posing system that works regardless of shape, size, and body-type!

Turn those negatives into positives, learn to love the body you were given and you don’t have to be so hard on yourself!

10. You Want to Do Something Different.

When you look at your bucket list, what does it include? Do you want to do something exciting? Something that will make you feel incredible, empowered, or ready to take on the world? If a boudoir shoot doesn’t appear on your bucket list, consider all the incredible advantages. 


Not only will you enjoy it in the moment, you’ll find that you create a lasting memory that will stick with you for a long time to come. Check out what our previous clients are saying about their experience! 

11.You Need to Shift your Focus.

When you’ve had a run of bad luck or things aren’t going the way you want them to, sometimes, you just need a little extra help shifting your focus: a chance to concentrate on some of the best things about you, instead of the worst. 

A boudoir shoot is an excellent opportunity to do exactly that: highlighting your best features, focusing on you, and bringing out your inner goddess.

Feeling ready?

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