7 Fun Facts About Our Staff

We get to know so much about you during our photo shoots at Boutique Boudoir Studios, that we thought we should return the favor! So we sat down and asked our staff to share a few of their most personal details. Here are 7 things you’ve been dying to know about the girls who make you gorgeous (and a couple you wish you didn’t. 😉 )

Valerie, 36, Photographer
  1.  What’s your favorite thing about boudoir photography?

Valerie:“Showing women how freaking sexy and gorgeous they really are!  I love when they see their other self–I love being able to do that for them.”

SarahJane: “I love boudoir photography because it captures feminine beauty in an intimate way that showcases women’s most delicate features while expressing their unique and individual personalities.”

Chelsi: “Being able to watch women overcome insecurities and love themselves.”

Lacey: “Empowering women and helping them love themselves, and creating something personal for someone to cherish for a long time.”

  1.  What’s something most people don’t know about you?

Valerie: “That I’m very passionate and emotional and put my heart into anything I commit to, sometimes to the point of sacrificing myself.  But I’m working on that.”

SarahJane: “Most people don’t know that I am an avid outdoorswoman! In high school, I placed 2nd at the state trapshooting tournament.”

Chelsi: “In seventh grade, I swallowed a huge sewing pin.”

Lacey, 24, Associate Photographer
  1. What’s something about working in this photography studio that you never expected?

Valerie: “That I would have a positive, emotionally lasting impact on people–that people would actually tell me I changed their lives.”

SarahJane: “When I started working at Boutique Studios, I quickly realized these boudoir sessions meant so much more to our clients than just a regular photography shoot. These sessions inspire women to embrace their femininity and accept themselves for how beautiful they truly are before they see the photos—rather than how beautiful they think they’re “going to be” after viewing them. I never expected to positively impact lives the way this studio allows me to, and I especially never expected to be motivated by their self-esteem and confidence changes myself. I will always carry the lives and self-reflective changes I’ve witnessed with me.”

Lacey: “Just how much detail and care goes into each individual client.”

  1.  What one thing always makes you laugh (even if nobody else gets it?

Valerie: “The frankness and honesty of my young children’s thoughts and ideas. They have no problem letting you know your breath smells, that you can buy them that toy because you have your cards on you, etc.”

SarahJane: “Anything that rhymes with flirt.”

Chelsi: “Probably something to do with animals. They just get me every time.”

SarahJane, 21, Studio Manager/Studio Stylist
  1.  If you could pose for any boudoir scene in any outfit in any season, what would they be?

Valerie: “I would pose for winter! I love the whiteness of the snow . . . the sleeping vegetation that lets winter cover it . . . the feeling of solitude.”

SarahJane: “If I could pose for any boudoir scene, it would be winter in the mountains with pine trees covered in snow. I’d wear a red bra & panty set with lots of lace and straps and a long faux fur cape and a beautiful frosted floral crown with crystals. I’d love to pose with a bear or a wolf, too!”

Chelsi: “Definitely a Halloween theme! Maybe Red Riding Hood, or holding a set of pumpkins,  or a vampire.”

Lacey: “I would love to do an outdoor shoot someday during sunset, wearing something long and flowy and graceful.”

  1.  Tell us about one of your favorite client experiences.

Valerie: “I have so many, but the one that sticks out right now is a girl who happened to tag along to her friend’s consultation. She ended up booking me on the spot even though her friend didn’t. Not just that; she went all out and we ended up doing an indoor and outdoor session. When she saw her makeup, she cried . . . when she saw her photos, she cried . . . During her shoot, I was able to really get to know her and talk about the struggles of not having the body you think you should, but after our boudoir session and even before she saw her photos she was ready to book again! And seeing the photos and holding everything in her hands and presenting them to her husband solidified a validation that she, like most women, need: we are all worthy of feeling beautiful, sexy and gorgeous just as we are. At first, she wasn’t going to allow me to share her photos online, but after seeing them and realizing the change in how she felt about herself, she said, ‘I want to inspire other women who aren’t a size 0 to celebrate themselves and see they are still beautiful.’ We cried together.”

Chelsi: “Honestly, I love ALL the clients I have worked with! Every story each one of these ladies have is beautiful, and most are an inspiration to me.”

Lacey: “Actually just a couple weeks ago, when a client mentioned how much she loved Valerie’s work. It was so sweet.”

Chelsi, 26, Associate Photographer

BONUS QUESTION: Would you, in fact, ride naked on a horse through a village if it meant forcing your hubby into lowering taxes for the entire kingdom?

Valerie: “Hahaha… yes!”

SarahJane: “Yup. I’d be running the kingdom, though. Giddy up, y’all.”

Chelsi: “Aawww are you kidding me??! OF COURSE!!!”

Lacey: “Yeah, why not??”

Lady Godiva lives, and she lives in Bemidji, Minnesota. Giddy up, y’all.