Bring out your wild side with

Outdoor Boudoir

Bemidji’s Luxury Outdoor Boudoir Portrait Sessions

Bring out your inner wild side with

Outdoor Boudoir

Ever want to do something completely different?

“She’s a little bit of heaven
with a ‘wild’ side.”


It’s about the experience of letting loose and exploring the part of yourself that makes you feel strong, confident, and truly beautiful in your own skin!

Studio Boudoir. Outdoor Boudoir.
Maternity Boudoir. Beauty Photography.

Hi there! I’m Valerie and I am a boudoir photographer located in Bemidji, Minnesota. 

Ten years ago I bought my first camera and felt compelled to start capturing women in all their glory. I quickly realized that us goddesses have a hard time realizing just how special and powerful we are.

My mission then became to help each and every woman push past her insecurities and boost their confidence by putting them front and center. My photos reveal each bombshell’s personality and brings out the passionate, brave, fierce, soft, yet determined-to-get-what-you-want-out-of-life woman that needs to come out to play.

What’s Included in Your
boutique Boudoir retreat Experience?

Pre-Shoot Consultation

Wardrobe & Stylist Advice

Professional photographer

1-2 Hour Portrait Session 

Professional retouching


Be yourself. Love yourself. Treat yourself!

 “Why should i do an Outdoor Boudoir session”?

Mother nature has got nothing on you!

Any type of boudoir session has the utmost power to instill an overwhelming amount of confidence in you. But an outdoor boudoir session is a special type of boudoir that gets you in your natural element where you can flaunt your inner diva.

 With an outdoor session, we’ll take awe-inspiring photos of you in the trees, in a lake, or a field and create majestic moments that show off the goddess you are. And don’t worry about all the planning! We’ll collaborate on outfit choice and location so that both our visions create magical moments that will last a lifetime.


Hear what others are saying about our retreats...

Jamie L.

“Valerie made me feel beautiful, sexy, confident, strong, empowered, comfortable in my own skin. Things I have never felt before or things I haven’t felt in a long time.”

Georgia B.

“Words will never do justice to the experience I had doing this shoot with Val. From the beginning to the end of my two hour shoot, it was memorable!”

Emily M.

“This was my second session. I had such an amazing experience the first time, I just had to come back!”

Miranda M.

“This was definitely out of my comfort zone but I am so glad I did it. I would recommend her to anyone!!!”

Kate W.

“Very friendly, open and professional! Valerie broke me out of my shell and unleashed my confidence!”

Carla G.

“Val and her team were absolutely amazing to work with. I enjoyed every minute of being in the studio! From being pampered before my photo shoot to being photographed, it was a fantastic experience.”

Angie M.

“They helped me figure out what I wanted for hair and makeup, they helped me narrow down my wardrobe and choose what made me look and feel amazing. They even indulged my super nerdy, slightly odd ideas!”

Nichole O.

“Valerie is awesome! My Mom and I went in together to do a mother daughter beauty shoot and it was an absolute blast! We felt like royalty the entire day from the moment we walked in to when we left. I would highly recommend them for their professionalism and creativity.”

Jenna G.

“What wow’ed me about my experience was the kindness and positivity. When I said a negative thing and Val made me say 10 positive things about myself, I felt that was a really powerful moment for me.”

Let’s take a walk on the wild side

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