frequently asked questions

Can I purchase a gift certificate?

A gift certificate can be a meaningful gift for someone you believe deserves a day of pampering and an empowering experience, this gift will continue to give and will truly last a lifetime! You can call or text us at 218-307-2848 to purchase one and we’ll mail it to you directly! We can arrange to have you pick it up if you prefer!

How do I schedule a session?

You can either book HERE, OR, You can call us at 218-307-2848 or email us right from the website! Leave us the best time to call you, along with your phone number, so we can contact you to schedule your session!

Where are you located?

We are in downtown Bemidji, in our very own studio!! You are able to see our logo on our door facing 3rd street! 

When should I arrive?

Please arrive at your scheduled time.  If you arrive early, please feel free to visit a coffee shop and relax before coming in!  we will be busy prepping for you!

What should I expect the session to be like?

Expect to feel nervous!  We will take time to talk about everything we are going to do, what you can expect during the actual shoot, how we will be coaching you, and picking out which outfits you’ll wear first! Oh, and you’ll probably laugh and feel like a supermodel too.

Do I need to pay my session/creative fee before the session takes place?

Yes, we do not confirm your appointment until you have paid your session fee.  We take your payment over the phone or you can pre-pay your session fee HERE!

What is the process to get ready for the shoot?

We will email you after you book your session with all the things you need to do and prep before your big day.

What do I need to do in the days before the shoot?

RELAX & be on the lookout for emails and/or text reminders. We don’t expect you to remember EVERYTHING in one email!

I’m a hair and makeup artist, can I do my own hair and makeup?

At Boutique Boudoir Studios, we believe getting pampered is part of the experience. We are open to you doing your own hair & makeup, however the price does not change and we will review your makeup and make sure it’s good for photos before we start 🙂

I never wear/barely wear makeup! Am I going to look like myself?

In short YES! Our makeup artist is a true professional and can bring out everything from a natural look to the edgy vixen in you! You can also show us a “look” you’re going for and we’ll do it!  We always work with you to get the look you LOVE!

Do you offer outfits / clothes / shoes / wardrobe?

At Boutique Boudoir Studios, we believe every woman is unique and beautiful! The style of clothing for each woman is extremely personal and we recommend you make a FUN time out of shopping for your own outfits.  We will even support you in shopping and choosing your outfits via text!

At the same time, in our Bemidji Location, we have a full wardrobe that includes outfits for XS-5XL, shoes in size 5-11, and accessories!  We want you to feel STRESS free about your experience, so know that once you arrive, we will look at both outfits you brought and what we have in stock as necessary to give you the absolute best looks!

What should I bring to wear? Can you help me pick out my outfits?

Part of our services is being your stylist! Bring what you love and want to wear, bring nude and black panties/thongs so you can use under our outfits from wardrobe.  Yes again, we walk you through our wardrobe and help you choose the best outfits for YOU!

Can I bring someone with me to my shoot?​

We do not allow guests at your session!  We believe this time is for you to be pampered and focus on YOU with no distractions!

gorgeous women in heels and white lingerie

I don’t know how to pose, will you help?

Absolutely! We give super easy to follow instructions and will coach you on everything from facial expressions down to the placement of your fingers. You will be guided through the entire photo shoot and will not have to guess anything!

I have scarring, stretch marks, tan lines, acne or cellulite. Can you get rid of that?

We airbrush all skin for the images you purchase! Usually the light airbrushing, in conjunction with the way we take photographs and our lighting, softens a lot of skin textures.  We will show you your edits before anything gets ordered to make sure the edits are to your liking.

When will I see my photographs?

You’re able to see those beautiful images the same day as your session! After your session you will get a little break and we will let you know when to come back and see the supermodel, I mean you!;)

How much is this going to cost me?

Our session fees start at $297 and include full hair and makeup, access to our wardrobe, shoes, accessories, and cover the creation fee for your images! We reserve the day entirely for you!

Additional sets cost $99 each to add on. Outdoor sessions cost $250 to add on per outfit.

Digital images are only $100 each, with a minimum purchase of 5 required.  Your $500 WILL need to be paid 2 weeks before your session date.  If you choose to upgrade we can do that during your viewing 🙂

Our All-Inclusive Packages start at $999 for 10 images, $1,997 for 20 images, and $2,497 for 30 images! All of these packages include prints or albums!

Turn Digital Collections in to an album for only $500 for a Little Black book!

When you prepay $1,000, you qualify for BONUSES!

All packages must be prepaid 2 weeks before your session, pre-payment plans ARE required.  You can always upgrade later!  email us if you need assistance at


This all sounds great, and I really want to do this, but I’m afraid I can’t afford this ... Do you offer payment plans?

Thank you for asking! We believe that the investment you’ve made by experiencing an empowering boudoir and beauty session is worth it, and you are worth it! You deserve to put yourself first and show yourself some love by taking home a collection of YOUR images! So, celebrate yourself and get what you really want! Your chosen product will be YOURS for a lifetime, not to mention, the experience of finally seeing a portrait of yourself you LOVE will elevate your confidence for a lifetime! 

On the other hand, you can PREPAY for a package so you are completely paid up by the time your session date arrives!  We can discuss this during your consult. 

Ready to chat?  Book your video consult HERE.

If I want to surprise my significant other with photos for a special event (Wedding day, Anniversary, Valentine’s Day, etc.), how far ahead of time should I book my session?

Your album may take 2-4 weeks after your session to be delivered. There are variations for this, but it is a general estimation. It is always best to call us as soon as possible when planning a surprise shoot! We can discuss your unique needs and see if we can accommodate your special occasion!  

With that said we do have the option of making it an express shipment which an take as little as 5 days – keep in mind there is a $50 fee to get express shipping

I do not want to be displayed on your website or social media platforms. Will my privacy be insured?

YES! We NEVER show images unless clients have signed a model release stating we can use their images for advertising, our webpage or social media platforms, etc.

Do you utilize backdrops or studio lighting?

We use a combination of natural and studio lighting, depending on the set. We have everything from totally soft, natural light to dark and moody set lighting! Check out our lookbook in the next question for more!


Can I see what type of sets you have?

YES! We have a whole look book here for you, which you will choose from during your consult and booking confirmation once you’ve booked yourself online. 


What happens if I can make it to my session? Do you offer refunds?

We hate to get too serious on you, but this is a reminder that there are NO cancellations, rescheduling, or refunds and there are no exceptions. And that even if you can’t make your appointment, you have agreed to pay for the entire package.  You can always get a friend to take your spot though.  We have being so tough, but this is our livelihood and if we have even 1 cancellation it jeopardizes our business.  

 Thank you for your understanding.


I am not the age/size I used to be, can you still get good photos of me?

We are not lying when we say we believe in the beauty of every person!  This is why we have women from all over the country coming to our studio!  Let us show you really are, not who you think you are!  From your makeup application to your photos, we will bring out the best YOU that you have ever seen!! You do you and we’ll be there to translate via photography.

I don’t see any semi-nude or nude photos on your website. I’m a little embarrassed to ask, but do you offer that type of photography?

YES!!! Our studio is a NON-JUDGMENT zone! We are in the business of helping women from all walks of life, all ages and sizes, love and embrace themselves for who they are! We are here to reveal YOUR sexy, whatever that means to you!  We’ll go over all your options and desires after you book!

What is your style?

I like to think of our team as coaches: we partner with you to distinguish who you are, and what you want to express, and we support you in getting there!! Through our unique relationship building process, we make it possible for you to connect with the woman inside you – you know,  that sexy, happy, confident, strong, dreamer, peaceful and powerful woman inside of you. Every woman is a unique diamond and it’s our job to shine the light on YOU!

Ok, I’m ready to book… How do I book?

Awesome!  2 options:

Book your video or in person consult HERE 

OR you can click HERE and prepay your session fee and then book your paid consult here: BOUDOIR PLANNING CONSULT

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