Father’s Day Boudoir

Hey Ladies,

As you know Father’s Day is coming up this month on June 17th and we wanted to let you know that Boudoir portraits can be a great gift for him! Instead of a day out fishing or golfing, get him a gift his is sure to admire forever!

After you give him the gift of boudoir, we bet he’d change his mind about fishing or golfing and say, “The only thing I want for Father’s Day is you!”

What could be a better gift for the dad of your child, than an intimate, boudoir photograph from Boutique Boudoir Studios?

This is an amazing idea and can really draw a new spark of intimacy in a relationship! We all know pregnancy changes a woman’s body, physically and emotionally. Women are forever changed by pregnancy.

Do you remember all the trimesters and all the changes occuring? Do you remember the last trimester?  Your body bloated, swollen, in pain, insecure, and waddling everywhere and all you wanted was this pregnancy to be over and your child to be with you. Crying, emotional, eating everything you craved (when you weren’t sick).

And then, it was finally over! The baby is here, now everything can go back to normal and you’re relieved, right? Wrong.. After pregnancy your body feels different. You as a whole might feel different. Insecurities don’t go away and you don’t look the same as you did before!

But, you know who stood by you through all of this? Saw your changing body, helped you throughout the trimesters, and said, you are getting more and more beautiful each and everyday? Even when things got tough, he tried to be there to boost you up.

The father to your beautiful child! That special guy who watched you in pain, helped you into the car, reminded you that you were beautiful, even though you didn’t feel it! He stood by you as you grew, groaned, and whined. Even when it was difficult, he saw you as perfectly beautiful. And he was right, and he still is!   

He still thinks you are perfect! And our team at Boutique Boudoir Studios wants to remind you that we think you are beautiful and perfect too! Whether newly pregnant, or 4 children later, your body isn’t what it used to be, but pregnancy is one of the most beautiful natural occurrences on this planet! We love to capture all aspects of motherhood!! Even if you have scars and stretch marks, those are just soft places and proof of your strength, courage, and nurturing!

We want to capture these moments that are unique and should be celebrated more often! Motherhood is sexy!!

Our team at Boutique Boudoir Studios, would love to capture your sexy mom side and give him a gift that he will swoon over for years to come! Our team will pamper and guide you through your entire Boudoir experience from outfit consulting, professional makeover and hair, posing, and positions to release your inner sexy mama!

When we become mothers and fathers, sexy slips aside. Intimacy, passion, and romance feel like apart of the past. So, this Father’s Day, show your significant other that this isn’t a thing of the past and that there is more in store for you in the future! Spark that romance match!

And maybe you might just find that this just isn’t a gift for him! Maybe it’s a gift for yourself! So you can see how sexy and beautiful YOU really are!

Surprise him!! Gift that special dad a gift he is sure to never forget!


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