“I loved the me that was in those pictures! I finally saw what everyone else saw.” | Boutique Boudoir Studios: Ashley’s Experience


Meet the lovely Ashley Jo! She has had her ups and downs and struggles with her own body image in the past! She is now on an amazing journey of self love and empowerment! She has completely changed her lifestyle to better herself!  Ashley loves to share her struggles and success with other women to help empower and inspire them! 

“I struggled for many years not being enough. Or at least thinking I wasn’t enough. People would compliment me and I would just smile and say thank you and hope they wouldn’t bring it up again because I wasn’t those things that they said.”

For years when people told me I was “pretty” I didn’t believe them. Because I wasn’t I was the girl the boys ran from in school that no boy wanted to date, I had to take a 9th grade boy to prom because he was the only one that would go with me. For years I was overweight and not really happy or comfortable but I would tell myself I was because my step dad always told me I was pretty that he loved me anyway.

“I’m not saying that you need to be skinny or be small to be happy or confident. The key is to love yourself no matter what. For me it took changing my lifestyle working out daily and eating well makes me feel good but it might not work for someone else.”

“It’s time as woman that we stand together, that we love ourselves and we love each other.”


This is what Ashley had to say after experiencing her first Boudoir Session at Boutique Boudoir:

How old were you at your session? 29

What made you decide to finally take a chance and book a session? I wanted how I felt on the inside to show on the outside. As someone who has always felt ugly, I wanted to finally be what I know I could be.

What was originally holding you back from booking a session? My weight always held me back. Not being comfortable in my own skin.

What were you most nervous about for your session? Being in so little clothes in front of a stranger.

Describe your boudoir/beauty experience. What was the best part of your experience? What surprised you? I loved getting my makeup done. Danielle is an awesome person and she is so sweet! I was surprised that towards the end, I was comfortable!

How did you feel about yourself after your session? I felt sexy, confident, beautiful AND empowered!


Were you nervous before your viewing session? A little!

How did you feel about yourself after seeing your photos? Did anything change for you after viewing your photographs? I loved the me that was in those pictures! I finally saw what everyone else saw. My confidence got a major boost after that.

After deciding on an image collection, how will you be displaying your beautiful images? I got a book and gave it to my husband for a wedding gift.

What advice would you give anyone interested, but maybe hesitant, about booking a session of their own? I would say go for it. If your body is holding you back then you need to get to a place where you love yourself. Once you love yourself, you can do anything!

What was the best part of working with the team at Boutique Boudoir Studios? Making friends! I made friends that I will have for a lifetime through this experience!

Would you do another session in the future? I just had my second session! I had a Dirty 30 Birthday themed session and we also did some boudoir photos inside the studio


Ashley has now had her second session at our studios! She did a super fun themed Dirty 30 outdoor session to celebrate her milestone of turning 30 this year!! Over the past 2 years this lady has not only been a client but she has become a friend! I’ve watched her struggle with her fitness, and also watched her succeed! Turning 30 in a healthy way was her goal and I’m so so so happy we could celebrate this milestone with her!! May we all meet our goals, big or small! 

She said after her first boudoir session it was a lot easier to do the second! She said, “I definitely felt more comfortable in my own skin the second time around!”