“I felt confident and sexy like you wouldn’t believe!” | Boutique Boudoir Studios: Chelsey’s Experience

Meet the stunning Chelsey!! She never thought of herself as beautiful or pretty her entire life!  She grew up on a farm and liked to hang with the guys! She said, “The guys would make fun of me for wearing makeup, because I never used to wear any at all!” Her favorite wardrobe look is cowgirl boots and a hat! We are so happy we were able to take her favorite looks and incorporate them into her session! She recently just got engaged and her babies consist of 2 cats and a bearded dragon! She is going through a huge transitional period in her life as she is leaving her job of 10 years to move to a new city and start a new career with her fiance! She has never felt so good about herself before and finally feels genuinely beautiful!! She said, “This session completely changed the way I see myself and I am super excited to gift this album to my soon to be hubby and of course, myself!”  

This is what Chelsey had to say after experiencing her first Boudoir Experience at Boutique Boudoir: 


How old were you are your session? 28

What made you decide to finally take a chance and book a session? I wanted to do something for myself and to feel beautiful


What was originally holding you back from booking a session? Self consciousness

What were you most nervous about for your session? Being in very little clothing, with nothing to hide under



How did you feel about yourself before your session? How were you feeling while being photographed?  I felt a little silly at first, but as the shoot progressed I got more comfortable and started to actually feel sexy

Describe your boudoir/beauty experience. What was the best part of your experience? What surprised you? The best part was how kind and supportive everyone was! The girls in the studio with Val were encouraging and wonderful



How did you feel about yourself after your session? I felt confident and sexy like you wouldn’t believe!

Were you nervous before your viewing session? A little but I knew Val is a great artist and would make me look beautiful



How did you feel about yourself after seeing your photos? Did anything change for you after viewing your photographs? Haha! I still look at them and think, is that me?? That’s not me, that’s a model or something! I feel confident every time I look at them.

After deciding on an image collection, how will you be displaying your beautiful images? I’m giving the book as a gift to my fiance, so however he would like to display them! 🙂  



What advice would you give anyone interested, but maybe hesitant, about booking a session of their own? Do it! I felt that way, and even thought about cancelling the day before.. But everyone is so nice, and Val takes you step by step through the whole process and make you feel amazing!

What was the best part of working with the team at Boutique Boudoir Studios? Again, they were kind, and supportive and everyone helps encourage you.



Would you do another session in the future? Yes!! I’m already planning my next session!! I want to do a bridal boudoir session before my wedding!