Outdoor Winter Boudoir Sessions

Would you be brave enough to bare it all for a Minnesota Winter Boudoir Session? Why every true Minnesotan should consider a Boudoir snow session experience!!



  1. Boots and a Blanket – the snow might be very deep depending on the location! A blanket is always nice to warm up with in between changing! It can also be used as a cover up in a photo!
  2. Session Length – A Winter Snow Session may last anywhere between 30 and 60 minutes of shooting. This all depends on how cold it is outside and if you need to warm up in between outfits. The colder the weather, the more time for warming up will be needed!
  3. Location – The location can be chosen by you or we can set up a time to go out to Bemidji State Park. There are tons of outdoor locations to be used near Bemidji. Let us know if you have a place in mind and we can collaborate and discuss locations!
  4. Time of Day – The best time to capture you in the snow is late afternoon or during sunset. We can get some spectacular shots with the sun set! We can do early morning, but keep in mind Minnesota weather can change very quickly and cloud coverage or sunshine could alter the images.
  5. Outfits – Bring outfits that represent you and the environment! We advice to bring a blanket, boots, shawl, fuzzy throw, sweaters, flannels, scarves, lingerie, and buffalo plaid anything! This is your session and we are always open to ideas and collaborations!
  6. Props – Props such as an axes, camping lanterns, a bow, etc might be some good prop ideas to bring for an outdoor session! This is YOUR session so we welcome all types of prop ideas!
  7. Warmth – Hand warmers and feet warms would be a great idea! Put the feet warmers inside of your boots before you start the session! They will keep your feet nice and toasty!

Winter is absolutely breathtaking and few people want to take advantage of the beauty and pair it with boudoir! This lady has been wanting to do a snow session for months and after two days of soft, fluffy snow, we were able to take advantage of the landscape!

“This snow session was full of fun and excitement! It was cold, but it was totally worth it! I have never felt so invigorated, powerful, and goddess-like! This was my second boudoir session with Valerie and I have been talking about a snow session for the past year! I finally got my wish and bared it all to capture me in my element! I love being outdoors and this session was truly for me! Stepping into my element while embracing my body was absolutely amazing! I have never felt such a rush and so at home in the woods! If you are a Minnesotan, I would highly recommend an outdoor session – winter or summer! What better way to capture yourself in the true north woods! This was definitely something I was able to cross off my bucket list and look forward to a summer outdoor boudoir session!”

What are you waiting for? Winter is almost over!

Limited snow sessions available through March 30th! Only $99 and includes hair and makeup!

Call us at 218.308.6399 to book YOUR winter boudoir session!



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