Perfect Payment Plans for Fabulous Photos

We’ll say it again: every woman deserves to feel beautiful–which is why we got into this business in the first place! Every step of the experience, from wardrobe, to luxe hair and makeup, to the boudoir photos themselves, is so empowering and is the perfect opportunity to celebrate your femininity. For one day, every day, we get to treat each woman like the queen she is. And then we get to send her home with those good memories and high-quality photos–forever proof that she is truly more beautiful than she knows–it just doesn’t get any better than that!

If you’re thinking, “Well, sign me up!” click here, mama! You may be thinking right now, “Sure, sounds great, but I can’t afford that. My life just doesn’t work that way.” Well, I’m here to tell you that we have thought this all the way through because we stand by what we say: EVERY woman deserves to feel beautiful.  With that in mind, we are proud to say that we are one of the few boudoir photography studios that offers payment plans for every budget!

When you invest in boudoir photos, you are investing in yourself. You are worth that investment, now and forever, and we believe that investing in a boudoir photo shoot should be accessible to everyone. With this in mind, we accept many forms of payment including Paypal, Paypal Credit, Zelle, debit and credit cards, cash, and installments can be as little $100 a month!

Even better, we’ve come up with 4 different ways to plan your session payments:  


We ask that clients first do an easy-apply for PayPal Credit. If you’re not approved, then .  . .


We offer the option of an in-house payment plan. After a one-time good faith deposit of $300, you can choose from a 3, 6, or 12-month plan to pay for your order. (And since we set up monthly auto-deductions with your debit or credit card, buying boudoir photos is guilt-free AND hassle-free!)


If you like to pay things off before you start, then the pre-payment plan is for you! You can schedule your session for the future and start making payments towards your account or preferred collection now. You can also qualify for bonuses, like additional images and products, when you prepay!


We now offer BB Credit Cards through Synchrony Bank! Apply for a BB Card at your viewing/purchasing session on the day of your photo shoot to pay for your collection in full and get your images sooner! BB Bonus: it functions as a universal credit card, so you can use it anywhere!

If you have any questions or to book a free in-person or phone consult, contact us by phone or email. And go ahead and check out our full online mag to glimpse all the details and boudoir photo collections HERE.

Isn’t it time you showed yourself some love? We guarantee you won’t regret it. Come find out what fabulous feels like; it literally doesn’t get easier than this!