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When you think of boudoir, what comes to mind? Soft and airy images with a romantic feel? Sexy images with black lingerie with high heels? You probably think of a hotel room or photography studio and being posed on a bed, chair, or other furniture in the room. Photography studios and hotel rooms are the typical places to have a Boudoir Session, BUT it’s not the only place to have your boudoir session!  While studio boudoir sessions can be downright gorgeous and a great first time experience, outdoor sessions can be exhilarating in any season!  Outdoor boudoir sessions are starting to gain popularity, and at Boutique Boudoir we’re always looking to take advantage of the beautiful landscapes we have during our beautiful seasons here in Minnesota! We have an amazing state with 4 distinct seasons to get different lighting, landscapes, and scenery! Why not take advantage of it’s ever changing beauty? Pairing boudoir with the outdoors can be a breath of fresh air literally and figuratively!  Both studio and outdoor boudoir sessions have their advantages.

Do you like to go hiking, camping, exploring, fishing, or just plain like to be outside in the elements? Outdoor Boudoir is the perfect fit for the outdoorsy, adventurer woman! P.S. We can even accommodate trucks, motorcycles, ATV’s and more into your outdoor session!

If you are more the chic, glamorous girl and like the classic look of studio boudoir, an indoor session would definitely be the best fit for you!! Relax in our beautiful makeup room and have air conditioning in the summer and heat in the winter!

Check out the differences of each to decide which is right for you!  And keep reading to see why Boutique Boudoir is SO excited to be hosting outdoor summer, fall, and winter boudoir marathons!

Studio Boudoir


  • Very Private in studio and when dressing
  • Controlled Elements (weather & light – we can shoot rain or shine in the studio)
  • Soft Simple Images or Moody if that’s your preferred style
  • Can shoot any time of the day and have or create good light (winter month hours are usually in the morning as the sunsets around 4:30 pm)
  • Silhouette looking images can be done if there is light outside
  • Diffused light from our large studio windows creates a soft, flattering, and even look on you
  • Access to our corsets, robes, accessories, and shoes
  • Get your makeup done in our beautiful makeup room

Things To Consider When Booking Indoors:

  • Limited backgrounds
  • Limited lighting (we do have large windows but if you are going for a certain look the studio really has light and airy lighting)
  • Maybe you want uncontrolled elements such as rain or wind for effects
  • Lacks the outdoorsy feel – Which may not be for you! Think about your style and what you want out of a session

Outdoor Boudoir


  • Unique and personalized
  • Endless locations to choose from!
  • Even if it rains, rain can be sexy!
  • Great for adventure seekers and the outdoorsy ladies!
  • Amazingly, beautiful backgrounds
  • You can control the look of your images by picking certain locations. A beach or location next to the lake can give you soft and airy images. A wooded area or river with lots of trees will create a moody portrait.
  • The option to shoot in rivers, lakes, or waterfalls
  • Options to have moody or soft light depending on location and time of day

Things To Consider When Booking Outdoors:

  • Privacy. Public locations could be crowded. Privacy will depend on location and time of day. State parks and recreational areas will be busy during the day, so keep that in mind when choosing a location.
  • Sessions may have to be rescheduled due to rain, snow, or cold weather
  • Travel charges may apply and parking charges may apply (state parks, private entrances, etc)

There are advantages to having either a studio or outdoor session. Even though there are many differences between the two, the most important thing is to just simply choose Boudoir. 😉

Boutique Boudoir Studios is happy to offer both indoor and outdoor sessions to all clients. Many past clients have expressed serious interest in our outdoor sessions, thus we decided to go ahead and offer super limited, special outdoor marathons THIS SUMMER, FALL, & WINTER 2018!!!  What does this mean for you? Well it means we have boudoir sessions outdoors at a specific location and can take 6-8 ladies a day! Because we are going to one location for the entire day, you don’t incur any travel fees AND you get a break on regularly priced session fees! YAY!!!!  So check out all of our Upcoming Outdoor Sessions out and let us know if you’re IN!

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