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“This was my second session. I had such an amazing experience the first time, I just had to come back! Before my session I felt quite nervous and unsure of myself and after hair and makeup I felt so much more at ease! I couldn’t have asked for a better boudoir experience! It was exhilarating and SO incredibly empowering!

When I stepped out of the dressing room curtain in my 1st outfit {lace teddy/tulle skirt} and saw myself in the mirror, I felt so beautiful I wanted to cry, happy tears!! I remember saying, “I wish I would have looked like this on my wedding day.” I think every woman should do this at least once in her lifetime. It’s an incredible experience. Very empowering! I have never felt more beautiful than I did with Boutique Boudoir!”

Emily M.

“Words will never do justice to the experience I had doing this shoot with Val. From the beginning to the end of my two hour shoot, it was memorable! And even over a month later, I remember every part about it, from poses to how I felt and of course how beautiful my photos turned out. 

This was something I’ve always wanted to do and being me and who I am, it didn’t seem possible for a long time. Val didn’t blink and eye and gave me an experience I’ll never forget. It’s a moment forever frozen in time for me and I can’t ever thank Val and her studio enough for that!”

Georgia B.

“I can’t pick one specific thing that was my favorite. Having my hair and makeup done and chit chatting with the girls while getting ready was a blast! Changing outfits and doing different poses and positions for pictures definitely helped me get out of my comfort zone more. What really wow’ed me was realizing that all those photos were real and that made me feel amazingly beautiful! I would tell anyone considering a session to keep an open mind. Stay relaxed and humble. Practice your model poses and faces in the mirror! I did lol.

Valerie was so laid back and wonderful to work with! Just remember to breathe! Breathing is key for getting that perfect sexy look on your face. Valerie helped capture my moments 🙂 This was such a great experience and I can’t wait to do it again sometime! I hope I can inspire more girls to do this!”

Bryna H.

“You guys. I’m going to be real about something here. I did some thing today that took me way, way, WAY the hell out of my comfort zone. [I’m extremely] self-conscious… about my body.

Today I said for! it and did something that I never thought in a million years would ever be able to do. I went and had my 1st (of hopefully many more) boudoir photo shoot. When I walked into Valerie’s studio, I was excited, but very nervous. Her make up artist was very welcoming, and did such an amazing job. I never thought I could look like this! Then it was time to start my shoot. Valerie made me feel beautiful, sexy, confident, strong, empowered, comfortable in my own skin. Things I have never felt before or things I haven’t felt in a long time.

The struggles I’m dealing with outside the studio disappeared for the 4ish hours I spent with her. WE HAD SO MUCH FUN!!! Seriously ladies, I HIGHLY recommend you go see Valerie and do something for yourself for a change. You won’t regret it!…”

Jamie L.

“From the moment I walked into the studio I was amazed. It is so clean and open and beautiful! While getting my makeup done I was constantly complimented and told how beautiful I was!!

It was amazing. Before the shoot start Valerie talked to me and made me very comfortable. This was definitely out of my comfort zone but I am so glad I did it. I would recommend her to anyone!!!”

Miranda M.

“Valerie is awesome! My Mom and I went in together to do a mother daughter beauty shoot and it was an absolute blast! We felt like royalty the entire day from the moment we walked in to when we left. I would highly recommend them for their professionalism and creativity.”

Nichole O.

“Very friendly, open and professional! Valerie broke me out of my shell and unleashed my confidence!”

Katie W.

“Val and her team were absolutely amazing to work with. I enjoyed every minute of being in the studio! From being pampered before my photo shoot to being photographed, it was a fantastic experience.”

Carla G.

“I absolutely loved Valerie! She made me feel stunning and gorgeous all while giving me the giggles as well. The studio was amazing and I honestly didn’t want to leave. Thank you so much so this reminder that I’m beautiful.”

Elna S.

“I was borderline terrified the morning of, I almost cancelled. This is something I *never* thought I’d do! It took like 10 minutes for me to feel 100% at ease. They helped me figure out what I wanted for hair and makeup, they helped me narrow down my wardrobe and choose what made me look and feel amazing.

They even indulged my super nerdy, slightly odd ideas! I’ve never felt so glamorous or empowered! I can’t wait to do it again!!”

Angie M.

“Seriously these girls are amazing!!! The hair and makeup gals were so friendly and kind, and made the day start of in such a fun way! Then Valerie came along and literally made all my insecurities melt away. Even the apprentice she had in the studio made me feel welcome and beautiful.

The shoot went so smoothly I didn’t have time to be nervous. Not only that, after I ordered my bundle I realized I got the wrong one. Valarie was so understanding and got it fixed right away!! These ladies are angels and I will definitely be coming back again!!!

Chelsey C.

“I don’t like doing things out of my comfort zone. But I did a session and I LOVED it!! I didn’t think I had the right body type to do anything like this but Valerie made me feel like I was a perfect fit for a photo shoot!! I think every girl needs to do this at least once in her life!”

Sondra C.

“What wow’ed me about my experience was the kindness and positivity. When I said a negative thing and Val made me say 10 positive things about myself, I felt that was a really powerful moment for me. I learned that I am enough. I learned I am a strong women that should not feel guilty when putting myself first sometimes. I also learned that I am beautiful on the inside and out.

I feel this confidence about myself that I really needed to feel again after having my baby. Lastly the session made me realize I had not be as kind and forgiving to myself and that I need to be.”

Jenna G.

“I finally decided to book a session because I wanted to feel empowered. I am a sexual assault advocate and I spend my days helping people get their power back, and I felt it was time to do that for myself. I was unsure of booking a session all because of my own fears. Fear…. knowing I would have to allow myself to be vulnerable. But there was nothing to fear! It was amazing!

I felt more beautiful than I ever have! I felt empowered and beautiful and ready to take the world. After my session, I walked with my head much higher! Before my viewing session I was VERY worried I wouldn’t like any of my photos because of how insecure I am about my body. I was amazed that I loved so many photos! I couldn’t narrow it down. I was in awe of how I looked.

To any of the ladies out there who might want to have a session I would advice you to let go of your fear and go for it. No matter what is going on in your life, this is something amazing you can do for yourself.”

Jennifer H.

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