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….where your Privacy, Confidentiality, and Safety are of the utmost priority!!!!

Hi!  I’m not sure if we’ve met so I wanted to introduce myself!  I’m Valerie, owner, photographer, and visionary of Boutique {Boudoir} Studios!  Over the past year and a half of being open in this amazing little town in Northern Minnesota, I’ve had the privilege of meeting many amazing and beautiful women!!!!  You’ve not only showed me how brave and resilient you are, but taught me that I can be and do so much more than I thought I ever could for you ladies!  I am grateful and humbled by your beautiful stories of courage, forgiveness, and perseverance!  You also taught me what is important to communicate to others in the business of boudoir!  For all I’ve learned from your open and honest communication, I am eternally grateful!Valerie Boutique Boudoir BemidjiFor those that are considering having a boudoir experience at our studios and haven’t talked with us yet, we wanted to give you all the pertinent details of what you can expect when it comes to the privacy of your experience and the images we create!  It is a common concern wondering if the very personal and intimate photographs of yourself will be shared publicly, or maybe you don’t want your friends to know you had a session?  You are definitely not the only one wondering about this, we promise!  

The Elephant in the Room Exposed: Many women had ONE main question when contacting our studio…  Are my photographs and experience here private?  The short answer is : YES!!!!! Read on…

We are proud to inform you that Boutique Boudoir Studios does not share any images unless you give us your permission through a model release agreement that BOTH parties sign (you the client and we the business)! Boudoir is for everyone, but sharing your most intimate images on the internet is not! Boutique Boudoir will not share any images on the Internet without your written consent. After your session, you will get to view your images and you can then decide whether or not you would like to share your images or keep them completely private!  By law, we CANNOT and WILL NOT share any images unless you allow us to in writing!  

Whether you have a high profile career, or you would like to keep your images private, we commit to keeping your personal information and images private! The model release agreement gives you full control over your images! If you would like to share your images you can, and if you don’t want to share them, that’s okay too! We will not publish your images without your consent. So, we hope that makes it
crystal clear that your privacy and confidentiality is safe with us!  

About social media sharing:  Again, we would NEVER post an image without written consent!  You’ll be surprised that most women do NOT want to be featured on our website and social media platforms, as many have commitments or careers that cannot allow these images online. As we do appreciate the women who allow us to share these beautiful images to the world, we understand and respect those who choose not to share! Your decision not to share is respected and you will never be pressured to give your consent. It is ALWAYS the client’s decision!

About your privacy:
How private is the ordering process of an album? Do you print in town?  I don’t want people knowing my business…I don’t want the mailman to know I experienced a boudoir session or my friend who works at a print lab in town – I don’t want them to see my images!
At Boutique Studios, we understand the challenges of small towns and privacy, and while we would love to source ALL products locally, one we do NOT source locally is the professional printing.  Our albums and images of you are printed through an amazing company that hand makes all the albums and is located at least 1500 miles away! We do not print locally to ensure your images and information are ensured private. Your album is discreetly mailed in a plain box to our studio to ensure privacy, or to your home if you choose that option.

About Confidentiality: Your privacy & confidentiality in the studio, is also ensured! The client’s information and experience will always be kept private and will not be shared with other clients.  We will not mention your name or details from your session to anyone else!

Feelings of Personal Safety: We have an all female staff including myself as the photographer, a makeup artist, a studio manager, and a photography assistant! We like to keep the session very comfortable and allow for a trusting environment so we can capture incredible images of you!

FREE in person consultations:  Now that you KNOW, you can relax and trust that your privacy, confidentiality, and safety is ensured!  And it’s the perfect time to begin planning a boudoir experience with us! We absolutely LOVE to offer free in person consultation appointments so you can meet with us beforehand and go over the experience, plan outfits, and choose your ideal date based on when you need your gorgeous album!  Every woman deserves a beautiful portrait of herself! Are you ready? What are you waiting for?!

Valerie & Team


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