Wild & Free – Why You Need an Outdoor Boudoir Photoshoot ASAP.

Why You Need to Schedule an Outdoor Boudoir Photoshoot NOW

When most people schedule a boudoir photo experience, they think about typical romantic or sultry locations: the bedroom, a favorite velvet armchair, the kitchen table at sunset . . . all of these are great, and classics for a reason!  But today, I want to talk about one of the most romantic, often overlooked, freely available locations: the outdoors! 

Outdoor photoshoots have a lot of unbeatable things going for them. First, it’s a completely immersive location, like having your own set designer. Second, there are almost limitless backdrops to choose from (don’t like that tree? Go find another!) Third, the natural lighting is incomparable. 

But the fourth, more ethereal reason is simply this: all female-identifying persons are at their most evocative in nature. Nature is utterly beautiful, life-giving, abundant, generous, and protective; she is wholly gracious and wholly formidable, like woman herself. You may enjoy what she has to offer but never, ever cross her. (There’s a reason we say Mother Nature, after all.) So it makes perfect sense that goddesses truly shine in their natural environment. 

You can stage all kinds of photo sessions outside, in any season—and not just boudoir! Let’s dive in.

Let Me Slip Into Something More . . . Natural

I love the feel of sessions like these, as though someone just wandered into the woods while taking their clothes off, and you’re simply catching them in various stages of increasing comfortableness. How far will you follow?

Confident Blonde Woman In an Outdoor Boudoir Session

Dominion Over the Earth

“Doing what comes naturally” doesn’t look the same for everyone—sometimes not even for the same person from one minute to the next! Go green to explore the stricter side of nature in your one-of-a-kind Outdoor Boudoir experience.

Badass Boudoir Photography

Searching for Fairyland

There’s a reason that the great fairy tales and even just stories involving fairies (A Midsummer Night’s Dream, anyone?) are set in the woods. You can’t help but feel that just around the next tree or clump of flowers there lies another world. Will you stumble across a fairy in her garden when you’re searching for fairyland?

Fairy Outdoor Boudoir Session
Women Outside Sitting for a Boudoir Shoot

The Snow Queen Decides

We stan strong women who make an environment their own—and what could be fiercer than a monarch sweeping out of her bedchamber to take care of royal business, weather be damned? One word and your heart is hers—one way or another.

Outdoor Boudoir Bemidji


A Few of My Favorite Things

Sometimes, we just can’t help but mix our passions. Pulling favorite hobbies or motifs into your photo session in an outdoor setting can really make them come alive in a way that interior shots never quite do. With Outdoor Boudoir you can take your fantasy game to the next level!

Fantasy Boudoir Photos

Listen to Your Mother

There’s nothing like literally forming a new life from scratch to make you feel like the goddess of creation, so nothing is more natural than a pregnant woman out in the midst of creation itself.  Her belly like the Earth’s sphere, she cradles it, for she contains worlds. You just can’t get shots like this inside a studio.

Beautiful Outdoor Maternity Boudoir Photos

An Angelic Visitation

When angels come to visit, they seldom pop into studio apartments or corner cafes—not with their wings out, anyway!  To see an angel in the wild, one has only to call, and she will descend like a vision. For comfort or for a warning, who can tell? What mission will she give you?

Women with Pink Wings Running Outside Outdoor Boudoir Bemidji Minnesota

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